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RE: 5 Testers Spots Left in THE KRAKEN!

Hey Friend,

I have good news and very bad news. The good news is THE KRAKEN
is making me already 14 dollars per minute with its automatic trading.
(That is $840 per hour or $20,160 per day!) However, as you may have heard,
there are only FIVE spots left for "testers"

The news is that right now THE KRAKEN is making me $14 a minute, but I am
trying to get this up to $40 per minute ( about $2400 per hour) but I need
beta testers to use THE KRAKEN and give me feedback.

The "Deal" is this. I am going to give 5 lucky beta testers FULL-RUN access to
the KRAKEN and they will be able to run it through their brokerage account
and of course keep all the money that the KRAKEN earns for them in trading.

The "Catch" is that I will need your feedback on the KRAKEN so that I can
improve it to my goal of $40 PER MINUTE in auto-earnings.

Of course you keep to keep all the money the KRAKEN auto-trades
for you because it is your brokerage account.

If you are interested in applying to be one of the 5 BETA TESTERS for the
KRAKEN, please hit the button and input your email

I’ll see the lucky ones on the next page.


Josh Bacon


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